A day in the life of a receptionist

Posted on 11-08-2017 at 12:21:51

Last month, we talked about Jazz Middelheim, the biggest Jazz party of Belgium, hosted in Antwerp and close by our hotel. Well, this month we will share with you 'a day in the life of a Receptionist’. Let’s meet Caroline Celis, our always smiling receptionist.

Receptionist Ramada Plaza Antwerp

It’s Monday. The workweek is about to start.... The last leisure guests are checking out and we are preparing ourselves to welcome our corporate & regular guests into the hotel.

05:30AM: My Alarm clock goes off. Good Morning. Rise and shine!

06:15AM:I hop on my bicycle, early mornings are quite chilly and I am immediately awake.

06:40AM: Whoop Whoop, I have arrived at the Ramada Plaza Antwerp hotel, quickly change into my uniform and I am ready to rumble. It’s going to be a busy and hectic day, but nothing we cannot handle. Let’s do this!

07:00AM: It’s show time baby! Time to get on ‘stage’ and put up my biggest smile.

07:10AM: Today I am on shift with Axelle, the junior of our team. She’s with us since last October. We team up and divide tasks during the first half hour. It gets the job done and is way less time consuming.

07:20AM: While Axelle checks all the folios of our departures for today, I’m pulling our daily reports, check the mailbox, check our wake up calls and any special requests for our arriving guests. Multitasking is my middle name ;-)

07:30AM: Here we go. Guests start checking out, whilst others are going for breakfast. We are used to this daily routine, so no stress for us and all is running smoothly.

08:00AM: While we’re busy checking out, the phone is continuously ringing. We help them with our greatest hospitality service and transfer the calls to the correct department when needed.

09:30AM: Morning rush is almost over. Only a few late check outs left….so far so good!

10:00 AM: Time to continue our daily tasks like, preparing group bookings, providing touristic information, answering e-mails and phone calls, assigning rooms, promoting our Wyndham loyalty program and inquiring for guest satisfaction.

11:30AM: I am hungry! Luckily it’s lunch time! Finally FOOD. On the menu of today: ‘Beef stew with french fries – It must be my lucky day.

12:00PM: Now it’s time for Axelle to have her lunch. Time to check the last departures. A good communication with the housekeeping department is essential to make sure the guests can check in on time in clean, well serviced rooms.

12:30PM: “Good afternoon! Welcome in Ramada Plaza Antwerp. Are you here to check in?” Still a little early, but he is lucky as I have already some rooms available. I can even allocate a nice parkview room on our highest floor. It’s my job to make them feel at home away from home. Happy guests, Happy us!

02:00PM: Check-in time! People start popping in, but as we are experienced and well organized, we can avoid any queues. But most important of all, is making sure our guests feel welcome and at home every moment during their stay by exceeding their expectations and assuring an excellent service anytime every time!

02:30PM: Time to finish our shift. Quickly sort out some invoices and a pile of credit card statements. Time to clean our desk and re-organize the paperwork as I want a fresh and clean start for my colleagues.

02:50PM: My colleagues Petra and Michelle have arrived. Time to do the handover and fill them in on the important stuff of last 8 hours :)

03:00PM: It’s a wrap. Time to unwind and treat myself with a nice apéro. See y’all tomorrow!

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