We’re excited to say that the most important holiday of the year is coming fast (no, not Christmas, it’s still October!), so we have come up with a great list of things for you to do on and around Halloween. This holiday is all about the spooky stories, eating plenty of junk food and of course, scaring ourselves half to death!

Kinepolis movie night

If you don’t fancy going out to chase the scares, you can do so from the comfort of your cinema chair with some spine-chilling Halloween movies to get your pulse racing. On Monday 31st October Kinepolis Cinema is arranging the Kinepolis Halloween Night where you and a group of your bravest friends can watch some of the best new horror films recently released. The best part is you can feast on popcorn and no one can see your terrified face in the dark!

Lange Wapper the Demon

Have you ever heard of Lange Wapper? He’s a giant character from Flemish folklore notorious for being a menacing trickster and frightening people with his playful tricks and shapeshifting. According to legend the demon tricks people to steal from them, teases drunks and laughs like the devil when he gets his wicked way. A great activity for Halloween is to visit the notorious statue of Lange Wapper, Antwerp’s most infamous resident, and tell his stories. You could also visit Antwerp’s oldest fortress, Steen Castle, while you’re in the area.

Ghost Walk

Antwerp can be a really scary place if you are looking in the right areas. You can take tours of the cities darkest alleyways and hidden corners in search of ghosts and hear stories about how people often met strange and untimely deaths before the city was the safe place it is today. You can also explore the mysteries of our old canals and sewers with an underground tour of the city. Another option is to visit the Schoonselhof Cemetery where some of our most famous ex-residents are buried like poets Herman De Coninck, Paul van Ostaijen and the author Gust Gils.

Dress up

If you are more inclined to the lighter side of Halloween, we can cater for you too. You could visit one of Antwerp’s fantastic costume stores, dress up as your favourite character or something spooky and spend a night dancing ‘til dawn in one of our world-famous nightclubs. Self-proclaimed as Antwerp’s dance temple, Café D’Anvers is a guaranteed good night out. Make sure you dress up as they have prizes for the best-dressed patron!

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