Low Emission Zone Antwerp

Posted on 28-04-2017 at 11:29:03

Since the first of February Antwerp introduced the low emission zone (LEZ) for its city centre. This means that the most polluting vehicles are no longer welcome in this zone. Those polluting vehicles are mostly older diesel cars and very old gasoline cars. In 2020 and 2025 de LEZ conditions will become even stricter. The LEZ is valid 24/7 for all sorts of transportation, from passenger cars to trucks and agricultural tractors. Only mopeds and motorbikes are exempt from the rule. 

When you enter the LEZ with a vehicle that does not meet the conditions, you will receive a fine.

But there is also good news! The Ramada Plaza Antwerp Hotel is located outside the low emission zone and still welcomes all people coming to Antwerp with their car. Want to enjoy everything Antwerp has to offer? But you aren’t welcome with your vehicle? Stay with us, and depart from here with alternative means of transport.

See you soon!

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