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An exhibition hosted by one of our Journalists/Photographers of Antwerp’s biggest newspaper. While working on an article he fell in love with the motion of Ballet and now he wants us all to see. Ballet in Antwerpen XL (until 27/09/2019) - Free


In a city? Off course! Hire a bicycle and enjoy sent of the harbor, a nice picnic in one of our city parks. You will be surprised by the beauty of Antwerp. Hire a bicycle - €

T our

On our Antwerp Free Walking Tour you will visit the main attractions in what is one of the most important city´s in Belgium. Free Walking Tour - Free

W ine

Bar PourBoire is one of the best wine bars in Antwerp. The interior is dimly lit and decorated with art, I can only describe it as intimate and romantic. They don’t just serve great wines but also do apero’s, cocktails and yes, BEER! Situated in the heart of A. Bar PourBoire - €

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CHOCOLATE! What did you expect? Visiting chocolate lovers will have the opportunity to follow the tasting route. Armed with a chocolate pass and the handy brochure on the chocolatiers taking part, they can stroll around the main sights of the city, stopping off at the best chocolate shops in the city to try their latest creations. What nicer way could there be to explore a city! Antwerp Chocolate Week (02 - 11/03/2019) - €

R etail

SUPPORT YOUR CREATIVE LOCALS! The Swan market is the perfect place to support the locals. Just handmade and homemade products for sale, from producer to client. Come and enjoy the happiness on this market. Swan Market (10/03/2019) - €

P arty

A free concert with different artists giving you the feel of a real “Antwaarpenaar”. All the music is in Antwerp Dialect, have a cold Belgian beer in a stylish Brasserie, in the heart of our city with the real Antwerp vibe. Antwaarpsen avond (2/03/2019) - €

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